Together with you, we can build a complete Transformation Program. This includes an initial diagnosis, an intervention plan, the design and execution of interventions and the documentation and tools to help you sustain the change.

In any transformation, progress may stall. We can help you design and execute a boost for your transformation program. With focused interventions and inspiring tools we create a sprint of a week or a month. In the sprint we create a build-up to really get people moving again:

Inspire – Imagine – Design – Do!





A complete transformation will ask for many and varied interventions. Some of those can be done perfectly in-house. But sometimes you need help. We can create custom-made interventions for your transformation, such as trainings, workshops, talks and moderation, challenges, hackathons, etcetera. We will work together with (change) management to get optimal consistency in the transformation process.

As part of our interventions we create and use our own tools. We have created games, playbooks, workshop tools, communications materials. We can provide existing tools, branded for your company, or create bespoke ones. Most tools can be used independently by your organisation, without the need for our help. But we are happy to get you on the way! We develop our tools in collaboration with our sister company Playbook Toolkit.

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