Clear objectives and a focused (innovation) strategy are key to reaching your maximum performance. 


To make sure you reach your goals and use the full potential of your organization, using the right methods is crucial. We support you in selecting, implementing and facilitating. Our experts from the field will guide you:

  • Rethinking your innovation philosophy: should it be campaign driven or not, open or closed, design thinking, lean (six sigma or startup) or something else?

  • Updating your tools: – build or buy software (ideation, portfolio, prototyping), tools to create your innovation business case or to scale in a purposeful way.

  • Choosing and facilitating the right work formats. Think hackathon, idea challenge, startup contest, innovation bootcamp or business sprint, all have their own rhythm, pro’s and con’s.

With our experience, we ensure your goals are being met.


If everything went perfectly the way it was, you wouldn’t be reading this. Your goal is to achieve change, maybe even transformation. We combine our knowledge of different subjects with a lot of experience in creating change. We systematically design and develop interventions. And we understand that for change to happen, the plans themselves may need to change.




Your organizational mindset is the crucial ingredient for (input on) the right strategy and execution.

We will work with you on a limited number of elements that get your company going. Amongst which are;  employee engagement, leadership, decision making, collaboration, breaking organizational silence or market immersion. Subjects chosen depending on your needs.

We measure the impact. Last but not least, we believe in the power of humour. Prepare for high energy interventions and a fun ride!



Becoming future-proof requires an new way of governing your organisation. We help you establish an organisation structure that suits your future plans. Our experts have sound experience setting up new governance structures, from distributed teams to innovation centres, labs, incubators or departments. In a Build Transfer Operate style or just on paper.

Together we will build the metrics that safeguard the realisation of your strategy and alignment with your year targets. Different set, still in control.

In the end, you need to show your results in the marketplace. Here you find the ultimate proof that you’re doing the right things.

But market performance goes beyond financial results.

We help find the right balance between financial value, customer value, societal value and organisational value.