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Transformation usually touches on all aspects of your organisation. We have experienced that many times. At the same time, we see that certain specific areas emerge as important drivers of transformations. We focus on these areas, without losing sight of the fact that they can’t be viewed in isolation.

Our Focus Areas

Strategy and Innovation

Transformation beyond digital requires a combination of specific strategy and strong innovation infrastructure. This will allow you to play on a field where strategy, culture, skill, and environment meet each other constantly. We can help you make these connections in a practical way that aligns with your situation and strategy.

Ways of Working

To transform beyond digital, you will need to adapt the way you work. On a strategic and tactical level, this involves finding solutions for the battles in today’s market –for the customer, for innovation, for retaining talent and for developing the right skills. It is about the future of work.

On a more operational level, you’ll need to organise the way people work and collaborate effectively – how, where, when and with whom to work, using which tools. This is about work today and revolves around behaviours rather than tools and facilities.

We can help you shape your future and current ways of working, find effective work behaviours, ways to make them common practice and provide you with best practices in many areas of ‘working’.

Values and Engagement

Transforming beyond digital, we will need to find new ways to truly engage with the organisation and its members. This is an area where the focus on digital has done some damage over the past years. As work become more impersonal, traditional bonds between organisations’ members faded.

We help you find the core values of your organisation in the new era. We then offer ways for people to rally around them and give them practical meaning in the context of your strategy and organisation. We do this in a playful way to increase engagement.

Possible different outcomes



Below you can find use cases

This is just a small sample of possible outcomes on our different focus areas. If you want to know more, like a specific industry use case,

please let us know and we can sort out all the details.


The situation

A nationally operating utility company has recently been privatised. Large strategy consultants have come in to redefine the company’s strategy and organisational structure. On of the outcomes was that the company needed to become more innovative.

To make a start on this, the company bought an online ideation platform. But it soon became clear that an underlying innovation strategy and culture needed to be built in order to use this platform effectively.

Our approach - step by step

Limpid & Co were asked to create the necessary documents and training to help get the company on their way. so they could execute the programme themselves.

Our Approach:

•Conduct interviews key players 

•Create an overview of content to be delivered

•Conduct reviews of documents 

•Create content for training key players in the innovation effort

Some outcomes

  • Innovation strategy documents, including a.o.:

    • Strategy overview

    • Innovation maturity assessment

    • Innovation metrics 

  • Documentation of innovation organisation, including a.o.:

    • Governance structure

    • Structure for dispersed collaboration

    • Innovation process charts, roles and responsibilities

  • Communication materials, including a.o.:

    • Brand identity

    • Training materials

    • Innovation skill building

Use case Transforming Strategy into Innovation
designing the how of innovation strategy and culture

Use Case Transformation Program Innovation

Our client is a European stock listed insurance company, active in different markets, with different brands for different customer sections. On board level, they decided to make innovation and digital transformation a strategic priority.



Use case  Transformation Interventions 
Bringing the community together
Global Manufactoring Company

The situation


A centuries old, global manufacturing conglomerate wanted to organise an event for members of it’s innovation community. Due to Covid-19, it had to be fully online, spanning 14 time zones. The event was meant to enhance innovation knowledge and promote networking within the community. Limpid & Co was asked to support the organisation and the content of the event

Our approach

Step by Step

  • Discuss requirements, conditions and background with managers of innovation community

  • Design a high level programme to meet desired mix of activities and cope with time zones including online space

  • Create, produce and distribute tools to all participants to create engagement

  • Organise activities with detailed planning of activities on the level of individual participants

  • Hosting the event, both the plenary activities and some of the training workshops

Some outcomes

  • Diverse sessions, such as key notes, training workshops, interactive knowledge sharing, case studies and award show

  • A physical toolkit distributed to participants’ homes to create positive energy around the event beforehand – parts of toolkit were actively used during the event

  • Very positive feedback from participants

    • good engagement

    • new connections formed across countries and businesses

    • increased knowledge of theory and practice of innovation

Use case  Transforming Values
rallying diverse cultures around one culture

Our approach

Step by step

  • Conduct  interviews with management, partners and support staff to identify the current situation, and areas that resonate strongly

  • Propose four corporate values that linked closely to topics that were important to different groups within the firm. Create a clear link to the strategy to make them relevant for a firm where discussion of values was not commonplace.

  • Organise an event in which the 75+ partners and managers of support departments of the firm were encouraged to discuss the values in a gamified setting.

  • Design and organise series of reflection weeks: one week each quarter in which one of the values takes centre stage in a variety of local and online activities.

  • Local and online events like discussion over breakfast, panel discussions with partners, interactive workshops and informative sessions. The weeks were closed with an online pop quiz.

Some outcomes

  • With the outcomes of the partner’s event and an associated survey, we defined the values. Each value has three short defining statements – one more internally focused and one more externally, six associated terms and six specific behaviours connected to them

  • During the reflection week, dialogue took place that didn’t typically do so otherwise: between offices, between fee earners and support staff and across practices. Those who joined in them were very engaged and motivated to continue discussing

  • The values were conceived to be more recognisable and meaningful by participants

  • Specific outcomes of the reflection weeks were shared as best practices to be used across the firm


The situation


An international professional services firm has offices in 10 countries and employees with 50+ nationalities. It aspires to expanding even more. A strategy has been defined that relies, among other things, on cross selling across practices and countries.

It is the belief of management that a stronger, more uniform corporate culture is required to achieve this. A redefinition of corporate values was deemed necessary for this, as well as a campaign to engage partners and employees across the board.

Limpid & Co was asked to support this process.

Use case Transformation Interventions
Scratching the surface of company values

The situation

A Dutch telecom company wanted to engage their 10,000+ employees around their corporate values. They were looking for unusual, playful ways to do so within a limited budget. They had received advice and assistance from several respected global strategy firms and business schools, but they weren't able to reach their employees on the ground yet. All efforts failed to convey the message. They were looking for something drastically different.

Limpid & Co was asked to help design and implement relevant interventions

​Our approach - step by step

  • Desk research on the corporate values, employee population and their level of engagement at the start of project

  • Proposal of different possible interventions, based on the goals, target audiences and available resources

  • Create a gamified challenge around each of the values

  • Implement the challenges in an online platform, both in Dutch and English

  • Design and produce a physical scratch card to send out to participants for extra engagement

Some outcomes

  • A bespoke multilingual  15 day challenge around the three values of the company – each day with two difficulty levels

  • An online environment for the challenge aligned with corporate brand

  • A physical scratch card to activate participants to allow them to gain entry to the challenge


Use Case Transforming Ways of Working
International Energy supplier


The situation

An internationally operating company in the field of utility networks is growing rapidly due to changing market demands. This, combined with the foreseen end of Covid-19 pandemic forces them to rethink the use of their scarce office space. At the same time, the company aspires to new ways for their employees to collaborate both internally and with external partners.

A high level vision on the desired way of working has been created but is as yet little known among the workforce. Differences in corporate and national cultures, as well as in national legislation, complicate a quick and easy implementation of new ways of working.

Limpid & Co was asked to support the company activate and engage employees and management

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