we close the gaP

Innovation and transformation are the current buzz words and will probably remain this in the coming decade. The 4th industrial revolution has kicked off and promises exponential growth to those who are ready for it.


All good when you read about it, but we know that transforming your business can be quite overwhelming.


We are Limpid & co. We future-proof your company. We make sure you will keep on delivering added value for your customers.  Together with us, you will discover that what you need is (mostly) there in your organization even if you cannot detect it right now. We help you uncover what you need (more), but we do not leave it at that! We close the gap between why, what and the how.


It is our belief that the only way to remain successful is to rely the least on advisors, consultants and other so-called external experts like ourselves. So, we stay as short as possible, but the result counts in the end!


A team of kindred spirits and at the same time very different in their backgrounds, expertise and personalities. We combine years in your shoes as CEO, have academic careers and are innovation experts. A collective heritage of experience in business(es) and great passion for the future. All in one team.

Jaspar roos -founding partner

If you are not laughing, you are crying. Right?

Jaspar is a renowned international authority in the field of (corporate) innovation, human driven cultures and trends. His experience spans from running a corporate innovation unit (Chief Inspiration Officer at ABN Amro) to launching digital ventures. Jaspar has led and contributed to over 100 digital innovation & transformational projects in different industries throughout the world. Next to entrepreneur and keynote speaker, he is an avid writer on disruption and transformation, amongst others for the Dutch Financial Times.



Michiel has first-hand experience at all levels of corporate life. This enables him to move comfortably from the shop floor to the boardroom.

As a change manager he was responsible for very diverse programmes, ranging from systems implementations to culture and leadership development. He comes into his own where different aspects of change meet. There, his creativity and analytical strength can kick in and new and surprising methods and solutions take shape.  He loves to work with teams to bring out the best in everybody.

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wietze van der aa -associate service innovation expert

                                                                                                                                              A Rotterdammer in Amsterdam

Wietze is the director of the Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation (AMSI), part of the Amsterdam Business school. He is associate professor on innovation management at UvA. His expertises are strategic innovation management , innovation in services, entrepreneurship and new business creation. Wietze has 20+ years experience in executive education at different universities (Amsterdam, RSM & Wageningen). He worked with a great variety of companies. Next to this all, Wietze is keynote speaker and author.

Abdulrahman Almunayes bw.jpg


our real tv star

Abdulrahman has been practicing illustration & creativity plus LEGO since childhood. He has 18 years job experience in information technology, banking, academic, oil & gas sectors. Now, he is a certified and award winning corporate innovator. He has established unique Innovation Centers and Innovation Lounges, registered Corporate Patents and established Corporate Innovation Program, Innovation Toolkits. 

He has recorded 38+ Innovation Episodes with Kuwait TV and is a TEDx Speaker. He has won the 1st Innovation Award in Innovation Based Leadership IBL Program in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

konstantin HECKMANN - campaign & Corp innovation expert

                                                                                                         Dream Big, Have Fun & Get Sh** Done / Limpid UND co

Konstantin has a broad expertise and experience of how to get innovation going in your organisation. Working as Corporate Innovation Manager he has hands-on experience on what a well organised “IdeaSpace” (Innovation Platform and Community) in combination with Physical Innovation Spaces and the right Methods for Innovators can contribute to make your organisation change to be prepared for the future challenges. Konstantin is specialised in Campaign driven innovation. He as well has practical expertise in setting up a Corporate Innovation Function” in a global Organisation.

roel de vries - corporate innovation expert

Fun despite his Volvo

Roel has a trackrecord in corporate innovation. In his last position he was responsible for the global roll-out of the Sparklab of Liberty Global. Colleagues describe him as result-driven and a self-motivated corporate entrepreneur. Professional innovator with creative, service-oriented, and collaborative mindset. Well-experienced in setup and management of Front- and Backend of innovation – on strategic, tactical, and operational level. And yes, also a Labrador and two kids.


                                                                           oUR iTALIAN CONNECTION

Marcelina is a worldwide expert in Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). With her experience , she builds smart area's for international organizations where equal access to opportunity and the diversity of thought is pivotal to an institute or company's value creation. she has been working for a broad variety of organizations, ranging from the financial to the cultural industr.y. And yes, she has the best coffee of everyone, because she lives in Bella Italia!

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